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Fracking: A Time for Study, Not Drilling


New York is currently considering opening up large portions of the State to hydraulic fracturing or "Fracking," a  technique to extract natural gas by injecting a chemical slurry into the earth. Fracking may one day be a viable and intelligent choice for New York if conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. The potential impact of fracking on water quality, agriculture, and the environment at large is not totally understood. Advance NY is concerned that New York is considering opening large parts of our state to fracking when the long term health and environmental impact of this technology remains to be seen. New York should study and seriously consider all possible health and environmental consequences, best available regulatory controls, and public opinion before going forward.

Read Advance New York Director Will Labate's recent article on national Fracking regulations:
Fracking and “Green Completion”: Still Incomplete
SummaryAs the fracking boom along with efforts to impose reasonable regulatory controls continues in President Obama’s second term, policymakers will be watching to see whether the direct benefits of the air pollution rule, and its cobenefits, materialize according to predictions.
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