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Minimum Wage
A Living Wage for New York
Thousands of New Yorkers work full time and still cannot support their families. We can do better than this. One way to help those who work hard and yet cannot get ahead is to raise the minimum wage. New York State's current minimum wage has not kept up with the rising cost of living. Further, there is little evidence that raising the minimum wage increases unemployment. Advance NY believes that all New Yorkers who work full time should be able to support their families and live a life with dignity. It's time for New York State to raise the wage

UPDATE: Political leaders in Albany have recently announced a plan to raise the minimum wage to $9 over the course of three years. This is great news for New York Workers but there is more to be done. The plan does not include "indexing" the wage to the rate of inflation. Indexing would adjust the wage every year to changes in the value of the dollar. This would keep the real value (purchasing power) of the dollar the same, preventing the value of the minimum wage to decline over time. Indexing is crucial in maintaining the value of the wage earned by many New Yorkers.

What you can do
A) Contact your representatives
Looking up your state representatives is easy. You can search for your State Senator here and your representative in the State Assembly here

Once you know your representative's contact information consider:
  • Calling your representative. It's fast, easy to do, and makes a real difference. Here is a template script for voicing your support for the minimum wage:
             My name is ________, I’m from ________. I’m calling to ask Sen./Asm. ________ to support Governor Cuomo’s    
             proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9. I also support indexing the minimum wage to inflation.
             As our economy starts to get back on track I feel we need to do more to ensure that we lift everyone up with it. 
             Everyone who works hard deserves to be able to live off of what they earn, and raising the minimum wage is a step 
             in the right direction.
             The current minimum wage is less than $15,000 for a full-time worker, below the federal poverty line for anyone with 
             a family. Raising the minimum wage will help these families get on their feet, and it will help the economy 
             by raising local consumer spending. I, like 80% of New Yorkers, support raising the minimum wage, and urge   
             (you/Sen./Asm._________) to support raising the wage as well. 

            Thank you for your time. I hope Sen./Asm. _______ will show his/her support for low wage workers in New York by 
            raising the minimum wage.
            Have a good day.

  • Writing a letter to your representative encouraging your representative to raise the minimum wage
  • Sending an email to your representative. 
  • Scheduling an appointment to meet with you representative to share your concerns about making the minimum wage a living wage. 

B) Write a letter to your local newspaper

Feel free to model your letter after the following letter we published in the Albany Times Union. If you can, emphasize the positive impact of raising the minimum wage on your community.

Letter: Minimum wage increase crucial 
To the editor, 
Saturday, December 1, 2012
Access the Letter Here 
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