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Secondhand Smoke
Stop Smoking In Cars With Children
Millions of children across the country are exposed to second-hand smoke every year. They are being exposed to unnecessary health risks causing an increase in respiratory diseases, childhood cancers, and medical expenses. 
  • Childhood asthma: According to the C.D.C., secondhand smoke causes more than 28,000 child hospitalizations for asthma each year. Some of these children die. 
  • Childhood cancer: Secondhand smoke contains numerous potent carcinogens and toxic substances including hydrogen cyanide. 
Smoking in vehicles with children sends a message that smoking and secondhand smoke are not as unhealthy, lethal, and dangerous as they are. We have a responsibility to protect the health of all children in New York by helping make sure every child can grow up in a smoke-free environment.  

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Making Our State Parks Smoke Free
Our natural landscape is one of the most important resources that our State has to offer. Protecting these shared resources should be a major priority for New York State. A simple, effective way to do this is to ban smoking within publicly owned state park lands outside of designated areas. Cigarette butts contain many harmful chemicals which do not break down well in nature. More importantly, park visitors should be able to enjoy all New York State Parks have to offer without being exposed to dangerous and unpleasant second-hand smoke. This is a sensible and simple measure the state should embrace to improve both the quality of our parks and the health of our public. 
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