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A Living Wage for New York
Call your State Legislators: 
Leaders in Albany need to provide relief to low-wage workers and raise our minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. This wage should be indexed to inflation so it grows each year as the real-life value of the Dollar changes. Our workers should not have to wait for politicians to act while the value of their wages are inflated away. Call your Assembly and Senate representatives to support indexing the minimum wage to inflation so that never happens again!  
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Reduce Children's Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
Take Action Now: Children in New York are still forced to grow up breathing in dangerous secondhand smoke. Contact your state representative and demand safe, smoke-free homes and cars for the children of New York State. 

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Cancer Free Kids Initiative Poster Competition

If you are interested in graphic design or marketing, Advance NYS is holding a poster design competition for our upcoming Cancer Free Kids advocacy initiative. We are currently taking submissions.
Here are the elements to have in the poster:
  • Advance New York ~ Intelligent Advocacy in the Public Interest 
  • one of either "our children deserve to grow up in smoke free homes" or "end smoking in homes with children" or "children can't choose whether to grow up in a smoke free home" or "secondhand smoke kills" (or you are welcome to submit your own powerful statement)
  • Support the Cancer Free Children's Act 

Submit your designs by email as a jpeg, pdf, or Photoshop file to [email protected] along with your name and contact information. The winning designs will be used in media advertisements and will help support our advocacy efforts. Successful artists may also be offered stipended future work with Advance NY. 

Advance New York ~ intelligent advocacy in the public interest. 
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