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Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act (S3148A)

This bill will expand coverage for infertility treatments, including a mandate that insurance companies provide coverage for fertility preservation for those undergoing treatments that put it at risk. Fertility preservation, particularly for women, is a costly and difficult endeavor that further burdens those facing serious health issues. To read the full bill (and share your opinion on the Senate page), click here. 

S3148 has passed the State Assembly and has since been stalled in the Senate Insurance committee.

Get Involved: 
Check out the "Resources" link to find your state senate representative and their contact information, or click on the link below to go directly to the Insurance Committee page.

This may be helpful as a template when contacting your representative: 

Dear Senator ______,

I urge you to vote in favor of Bill S3148A, the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act. Fertility can be a crucial aspect of one’s identity. The loss of fertility should be treated with the same consideration as any other medical condition, particularly when it is a potential side effect of a necessary treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc.).
I stand with Advance New York, Inc to support the people that would benefit from this policy. It is my hope that New York chooses to support those struggling with fertility and help alleviate some of the emotional and financial burdens that accompany fertility preservation.

District ______
contact information (optional)

  • Committee chair: James L. Seward (R, C, IP) D51
  • Ranking member: Neil D. Breslin (D, IP WF) D44
  • Fred Akshar (R, C, IP) D52
  • Brian A. Benjamin (D) D30
  • John E. Brooks (D) D8
  • Martin J. Golden (R, C, IP) D22
  • Jesse Hamilton (D) D20
  • Chris Jacobs (R, C, IP) D60
  • Timothy M. Kennedy (D, IP, WF) D63
  • Andrew J. Lanza (R) D24
  • William J. Larkin, Jr. (R, C) D39
  • Kenneth P. LaValle (R) D1
  • Shelley Mayer (D) D37
  • Terrence Murphy (R, C, G, IP, SC) D40
  • Thomas F. O’Mara (R, C, IP) D58
  • Kevin S. Parker (D, WF) D21
  • Gustavo Rivera (D, WF) D33
  • Diane J. Savino (D, IP) D23
  • Sue Serino (R, C, IP) D41