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Secondhand Smoke

                                                   Stop Smoking In Cars With Children
  • Millions of children across the country are exposed to second-hand smoke every year. They are being exposed to unnecessary health risks causing an increase in respiratory diseases, childhood cancers, and medical expenses. 
  • Childhood asthma: According to the C.D.C., secondhand smoke causes more than 28,000 child hospitalizations for asthma each year. Some of these children die. 
  • Childhood cancer: Secondhand smoke contains numerous potent carcinogens and toxic substances including hydrogen cyanide. 
  • Smoking in vehicles with children sends a message that smoking and secondhand smoke are not as unhealthy, lethal, and dangerous as they are. We have a responsibility to protect the health of all children in New York by helping make sure every child can grow up in a smoke-free environment. 

  • A bill (S472) that would ban smoking in a private vehicle with a child less than 14 years of age has remained in Transportation Committee in the Senate since the 2013-2014 session. There have been no updates since.

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