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Voting Reform & Civic Engagement

Early Voting for New York State

The current election administration in New York State (no early voting) makes it unnecessarily difficult for lower income and limited mobility New Yorkers to participate in our democracy and make their voices heard. New York should follow the lead of numerous other states and adopt early voting to include, at a minimum, one week (including Saturday and Sunday) of early voting. Adopting early voting for New York would help make sure as many New Yorkers as possible can participate in elections without undue hardship. No one should have to skip work to vote. Early voting would also help reduce lines on election day, which would encourage greater voter turnout.

Move Absentee Voting Online

New York State's Boards of Elections devote a significant amount of time and resources to assembling, mailing and receiving absentee ballots. As New York State moves forward in the digital age, it is just a matter of time before absentee voting moves entirely online. In these tough economic New York should take advantage of the cost savings of reduced postage and time now. As a more secure and faster way of collecting absentee ballots, absentee ballots to voters has the potential to increase voter turnout for absentee voters. It should be a priority for any democracy to make participating in government easier, faster, and more secure. It’s time for New York to move absentee voting online. 

Automatic Registration of Youth Holding Drivers Licenses

Thousands of 18 year-olds hold drivers licenses and identification cards in New York State and yet aren't registered to vote. Voting, a cornerstone of effective civic engagement, is critical to citizen involvement in the affairs of our government. Encouraging voting among our state's youth is particularly important in establishing lifelong citizen participation in government. Automatically registering those who have ID cards when they turn 18 is a simple, intelligent, and significant step forward in accomplishing this goal. Automatic registration would save the state time and resources avoiding the duplicative printing and collecting of voter registration cards.